Hello fellow learners! During your language learning journey, have you ever wonder and ask any of these questions:

Well, we have. That’s why we started Language Experiments to find answers to these questions.

In this Language Experiment, we are going to compare various method of learning within the same time frame. We use enough parameters, since the very beginning of the experiment until the very end, to make sure that this Experiment is reliable and measurable.

We hope you will enjoy seeing how this experiment is progressing, and we also hope that we can get fruitful result out of it. For fellow learners, this is a fun opportunity to experience language related experiment first hand. So of course if you wish to try and participate in the Experiment, we are happy to assist you.

Please click here to begin your Experiment journey.

If you want to learn more about this you can do that on links below

What is Language Experiment all about

Universal Experiments

What is an Experiment

Why we need language experiment

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