What Language Experiment is all about?

Learning a new language is hard, and it can be difficult to know whom to believe or which stories to trust. Many polyglots claim that certain techniques or strategies are the best for learning a language, but how can we be sure that they are telling the truth? It is challenging to differentiate between those […]

Universal experiments

The idea is always to have individual experiments, so when creating experiments, we don’t have the intention to compare them with others. So let’s say we have the following experiments: One person If we have one person per all 5 experiments, we can compare L1, D1, and B1 with each other. L2 and D2 can’t […]

What is an Experiment?

How are scientific studies done? You have two groups, 1 group testing something and a control group doing it, usually in free form or in another way they are suggested. When they finish, you analyze data. And you can rate success based on many factors, some of which are: That is just part, but you […]

Why we need Language Experiments?

This website is dedicated to Language Lovers! We are talking here about something important we didn’t find on the Internet. We are Language lovers too, and we created this project to help us understand something puzzling us for years. How to find the best language learning techniques? We spent a lot of time learning languages, […]