Friendly Reminder

It’s important to be honest throughout the entire language learning experiment, from the initial state to the final state. The purpose of the experiment is to measure the effectiveness of specific tools, apps, or techniques for language learning, and to determine the exact number of words or phrases learned. To participate in this experiment, you must be committed to taking action and following the instructions below. Please do not lie or cheat.

Join in the Discord channel where you will communicate with the people running the experiment.

Initial State:

  1. Populate Application Form
    • Fill up your application form here
    • Don’t hide anything what would affect experiment result and make its results misleading.
  2. Accepting Rules
    • Before beginning the experiment, please send us the video of you smiling and nodding or waving at the camera. This is for your introduction video. Upload it in this folder. You can also see the tutorial how to upload videos here.
Save this video as: introduction.mp4

3. Provide us with your consent statement

“My name is {FULL NAME} from {FULL ADDRESS}. I agree that all video content I will send is allowed for use by Language Experiments, including language experiments website, youtube and all other channels of Language experiments.”

Save this video as: consent.mp4

4. Answer the Preliminary Questions

5. Create Goal using document by answering the questions below and add it in the folder

Instruction how to create goal:

1. The format of the goal should have:

* Headline

* Detailed Description

2. Create the goal using this list:

 * What is target language?

 * What is interface language?

 * How much time will be spent on this?

 * What resource will you use?

 * What strategy will be used?

 * What is purpose of this experiment?

6. You should follow these rules. If you don’t follow the rules we will not publish the experiment.

Start the experiment 🙂

  1. Record yourself.

* Introduce yourself

* Tell where you come from

* What languages you know

* Short explanation about the language you plan to learn (are you total beginner or you have basic knowledge about it)

* What the experiment you are doing

* What result you expect

* and the app or technique you will use. (Video up to 1 min)

Example: I am Hani, I am from Philippines but I’m living in Serbia. My native language is Cebuano, I know Tagalog, English, Serbian and I want to learn Spanish. I learned Spanish for 4 months before 2 years but after that, I almost forgot all the words I’ve learned. I want to do an experiment where I will learn Spanish for 5 days for 2 hours per day. My goal after the experiment is to finish whole A1 level to have at least 100 words in my familiar vocabulary. I will use Langoid as a tool in learning.

Upload the video in the folder

Save this video as: myself.mp4

2. Do the Initial Test . (Record your screen and yourself while doing it)

Note: If you are a Total Beginner, you will not do the Initial Test.

Save this video as: initial.mp4

Daily Checks:

Everyday, you must record 3 times. Your Day Start, Status Update and Day End

Day start – On the start of any day you must record saying what you plan to do and how long. (Max 1:30 mintutes)

Save this video as: {date}-start.mp4

Status updates – While learning, record 2-3 minute parts that you find most valuable. If there are measurable things, write them down or record yourself – we need numbers if applicable. Record your screen when and how you study.

Save this video as: {date}-update.mp4

Day end – After finishing your learning for the day, record a video of yourself discussing how your learning went. Try to make it practical. The best examples are when you demonstrate what you learned, so include examples instead of just talking about what you worked on. (Max 1:30 minutes)

Save this video as: {date}-end.mp4
{date} - you must write the date

Here are some ideas:

* You can say a sentence you learned in that new language

* If you learned new words, say that word and the word translation

* If you know a word but didn’t use it, provide an example sentence using that word

* If you reviewed many words, mention how many words you reviewed

*If you have any written notes or materials that are not in video format, please send them to us, and we will make them available for download

Bad example of status update:

I spent 2 hours doing listen words exercise

Better example of status update:

I spent 2 hours doing listen words exercise. I spent first hours using default setup and I listen all words from list (184 words) 3 times in loop. Part of it I have done while taking a walk, I was less focused there. Next 30 minutes I spent listening just words from first to group, but I remember everything, so I decided to use listen sentences for last 30 minutes because I was thinking that there is no point to repeat words exercise. I listened 23 sentences and loop was running 4 times, I realized here that I have hard time to repeat any sentence, even after 4 times listening I’m doing wrong most of them.

Upload immediately on Folder!

Final State:

  1. Do Final Test
    1. After completing the Final State, we will calculate Result based on your Final Test. Here you can see how we are calculating them
  2. Record a video of yourself sharing your thoughts on how satisfied you are with the entire experiment
Save this video as: satisfaction.mp4

After we calculated the results and upload the video to youtube, we will add it in Language Experiment Gallery.

We will not mention the names of the participants of the failed experiments. We will only mention the reasons for their withdrawal.

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