The idea is always to have individual experiments, so when creating experiments, we don’t have the intention to compare them with others.

So let’s say we have the following experiments:

One person

If we have one person per all 5 experiments, we can compare L1, D1, and B1 with each other.

L2 and D2 can’t be compared, but we can publish results like Hani did in her experiments, so we can say that someone reached the A2 level using the Duolingo D2 experiment.

More persons

If 5 persons done L1, 10 persons D1 and 1 person B1. We can still compare them the same way as when just one person was learning, but now we can say the average result for L1 and D1.

With this approach, every experiment is a group experiment. Still, if we don’t have enough people to repeat the same experiment with multiple people, we can publish them as individual experiments.

Summary of what we are getting

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